A Little About Saar Fellowship...


Exists for God; therefore, it’s a worship centre.  We come to worship Him; to lift Him up & sing praises to His name.


Exists for each other; therefore, it’s a nurturing centre. We value verse-by-verse teaching from the Word of God, longing to grow in the knowledge & the love of Christ. In addition to our weekly Friday Worship Service, we host 'Growth Groups' in homes across the island.  We minister to people from over 25 nations and at least that many denominations!


Exists for the world; therefore, it’s a redemptive centre. It’s a place where people can be redeemed and forgiven and brought into the family of God.  We also seek creative ways to reach out to the many nationalities working and residing in The Kingdom of Bahrain.  


Taking our cue from the Good Shepherd, we want our people to be the best fed and best loved sheep in this corner of God’s Kingdom.   We’re not a perfect church, but you’ve got to go a long way to find a church that has the spirit of Saar Fellowship. We invite you to join us and to worship the Lord, nurture one another, and spread the Good News of forgiveness & redemption through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Newcomers Guide to Bahrain

If you are new to Bahrain, take a look at our newcomers guide.  This has lot of useful information: schools, restaurants, child friendly places, travel, etc